Expedited Shipping

Expedited Shipping is a process of sending a shipment faster than the usual method in order get packages by the date they are promised to be at their end location.

The point is to cut out all wasted time and get the freight where it needs to go on a time sensitive delivery basis. If you need a package delivered by a certain time, you should use the expedited freight, no matter how big your shipments are – large or small.

Businesses that can benefit from expedited shipping:

  • Medical facilities in need of emergency supplies
  • Factories in need to meet a manufacturing schedule
  • Operators of oil drilling or mining facilities who need vital parts to keep their operation going when important machinery breaks down.
  • Anyone else can use expedited shipping services when there is a need of an urgent delivery.

It’s very simple – just tell us what you’re shipping and when you need it at its end location, and Chicago Air Freight, Inc will deliver it on time.