Flatbed Trucking Services

If you need to ship large or oddly-shaped items that won’t fit into a standard trailer, you need flatbed trucking services from Chicago Air Freight, Inc! Flatbed shipping is transport for freight that might not need the enclosure of a dry van, can’t load or unloaded from a dock, or doesn’t fit within the measurements of basic truck trailers. A flatbed’s style enables cranes and forklifts to fill products from all angles.

How do you know if you need a flatbed truck?

Flatbed trailers have long, plank-like “beds” with no sides, used to transport bulky, oversized or oddly shaped items. Flatbed trucks can be straight-across or articulated and come in a large array of sizes, from standard utility trucks up to extended tractor-trailer sizes.

The most common items shipped via flatbed trucking are:

  • Large machinery and equipment (tractors, dozers, backhoes, excavators, forklifts, compactors etc.)
  • Agricultural, construction, manufacturing, and warehousing equipment
  • Formed concrete items, construction materials, lumber, large beams and trusses
  • Industrial equipment (air compressors, air conditioners, storage tanks, cooling towers, fabrication machinery, air turbines, oil & gas equipment and manufacturing systems)
  • Freight exceeding 100″ in height or width
  • Cars and other specialized vehicles
  • Freight requiring top or side loading via crane, wench, roll off platform, or forklift

We transport your freight by reliable, safe, and experienced flatbed truckers.