Truckload (TL) Services

Truckload (TL) shipping, also known as Full Truckload, take up the space or weight limit of an entire trailer. It is best option for businesses that have higher volume shipping needs or require expedited delivery, since this method is faster with no need for multiple stops. TL means that all of your products are delivered together, so there is little chance of delay or damage. When a large amount of goods are being shipped, TL is definitely the more economic shipping method.

You should use Truckload (TL) when:

  • Your items can fill an entire truck.
  • The customer prefers a whole truck dedicated to their goods.
  • The freight shipping is time sensitive.
  • The weight makes it more cost effective than less than truckload (LTL).

With Truckload (TL) delivery time estimates are often accurate and fast in comparison to LTL shipping, because shipments typically travel on only one truck with one destination.

The chance of possible damage to items during transit also decreases since there is less handling of the freight at multiple stops.

Chicago Air Freight, Inc offers competitive truckload freight (TL) rates on any shipping, increasing your profit potential on every truckload.